Shipping container homes are trendy, a smart choice and better alternative for traditional buildings. In August 8, 1989 the patent for constructing shipping container home was granted in United States. After that, an architect named Peter DeMaria designed the first container home in US during 2006 which was built at low cost using abundant material and is a great example in the world for shipping container architecture.

If you are planning to build a new storage container home then you should spend minimum of $26,000 to construct a home with two 20 foot container in 320 square feet. These eco-friendly houses are suitable for the places where you have high risk of natural disasters like earthquake.

1. Innovative storage container home

storage container home

This container home is designed with innovation which is constructed using glasses, woods, and storage containers and costs half of the traditional house. It has enough space and amazing interior works that let you feel like heaven.

2. Modern home

storage container home2

It is constructed with 40 foot containers which have four bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. The house has separate car parking space in it and the total area is 6000 square feet.

3. Shipping container home plans

shipping container home3

This is an example for shipping container interior home plans which has unique and attractive design. It has three floors and each floor is divided into three rooms which differ from each other in architecture.

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4. Shipping container house

storage container home4

This house was constructed by using twelve 40 foot containers which are in T-shaped. It is a recyclable container which is eco-friendly in nature so that can be a good choice to build your own container house.

5. Elegant home

storage container home5

It is a simple container home with three rooms which can cost very less and you can add your innovative ideas in it. It does not hold much space and has structural strength.

6. Shipping container architect

storage container home6

It is made by combining seven recycled storage containers and has a dimension of 3000 square feet. You can find four bedrooms which are comfortable for your family.

7. Beach side home

storage container home7

This can be the perfect design to construct container homes at beach. This luxury house is made by molding eight shipping containers that can save your money and time.

8. Prefab shipping container home

storage container home8

This prefab shipping container home is affordable and comes with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. It is made with basic 20 foot container which provides strong living units.

9. Cargo container home

storage container home9

This house has 70 percent recycled materials and made from container steels. It is equipped with solid hardwood floors, amazing interiors and innovative design.

10. Amazing house

storage container home10

This alternative house is made of 40 foot containers in 2500 square feet so that you can get significant amount of space to live. It is designed with screened porch, balconies and swung shut door.

11. Luxury cargo container home

storage container home11

This house is equipped with swimming pool which you can get without spending much money as used containers are cheaper. You can get better living experience that is beyond your expectation.

12. Eco-friendly home

storage container home12

This house can be built quickly within 5 to 6 months which will not make you feel like a normal home and you can enjoy the outdoor events by sitting inside the container home. This can be the best example for floor plan.

13. Shipping container house plan

shipping container home13

This is a brilliant idea of constructing tree house with reusable shipping containers. This can be an innovative house plan that can offer amazing living experience like same as you get from the house built with bricks, woods, etc.

14. Cargo container home with swimming pool

cargo container home14

It is designed with swimming pool in the entrance which can be for dual purpose. It will serve as a pool and cools the air that comes inside the house. This house is equipped with two floors that have three bedrooms, study room, kitchen, living room, dining hall and a lengthy hall that connects that connect the entry of rooms.

15. Unique home

shipping container home15

This trendy house can be the best alternative one and can be built within few months. Combining few containers to build a home is something different and at the same time safe for all environment.

16. Blue house

shipping container home16

This blue container home is awesome which is made with two containers. You can even make garden on your own style at the roof as you see on the picture to make your day pleasant.

17. Cargo container house

shipping container home17

It is not just the metal walls but colors, swimming pool and interior decorations made it as luxury home to live. This modern home approximately has the dimension of 1600 square feet.

18. Eco-friendly storage container house

shipping container home18

Can you imagine how awesome it is to have a house near lake? You can enjoy the nature at night with blooming lights by sitting inside your container house.

19. Prefab container home

shipping container home19

This will make you feel whether you are sitting inside a house or in garden. It is especially designed to enjoy your outside views and know what is happening.

20. Simple prefab container house

shipping container home20

This yellow container house is designed as simple but strong enough to expose harsh climates and rough handling. The roof is equipped with solar to generate required power. This can be constructed by combining 20 foot containers.

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21. Modern cargo container home

shipping container home21

This modern cargo home just resembles the modern architecture. It is built with minimum space and expenditure which attracts most of us with its unique design.

22. Elegant container house

cargo container home22

This amazing house can be constructed with limited space and you can have all your required rooms. You can be able to enjoy the outside environment by being in home and is built by concentrating on comfort, style, quality finishing, etc.

23. Painted storage container home

shipping container home23

This is innovative than other container homes which is designed colorfully with variety of colors. You will be mesmerized by the lighting effects, interior decorations, gardening, etc. They make use of industrial elements in this one as it can be assembled easily and can be built in short period of time.

24. Unique container house

storage container home24

Many people get confused when they see this house for the first time as it looks different from other container homes. This is not a traditional container house and it is designed to fulfill the modern requirements of a house. You can get well furnished kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathroom, etc.

Building container homes become popular among the world as it is less expensive, easy to transport containers, availability, strength, possible with simple foundation and more. Not only house we can also construct coffee shops, stores, schools, shopping malls, emergency shelters, etc. The main drawbacks of this house include temperature, harmful solvents and weaker roofs.  We hope you enjoyed this article and please share your thoughts in the following comments section.

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