Craigslist is a popular advertisements website. It provides a wide range of categories such as housing, jobs, items for sale, community, forums, and more. Craigslist was created in 1995. Still, since then a lot of other sites like Craigslist have been made available online. But are they all as versatile and easy-navigable as the original one?

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These other sites have a lot of similarities with Craigslist. They offer the possibility of posting ads and promote a wide array of products. If you are looking for sites like Craigslist to buy or sell stuff online, then this article will help you. Below, we have gathered a list of the best sites that resemble Craigslist. They are presented in a certain order, based on their Alexa ranking.

Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist

#1. Backpage

backpage website screen caption

Alexa Rank: 806

Backpage is one of the largest classified websites in The United States. It allows you to post ads for free, without charging you any fees or commissions. Moreover, it provides great features. For example, you can choose to post your ad while targeting people that live in different cities by using the site’s “multiple cities” option.

On this website, you will find plenty of categories like rentals, jobs, buy/sell/trade, real estate, community, and more. When you upload an ad, the site’s automated system surveys the new content. As you can see, this is one of the best sites like Craigslist to consider when you want to sell or buy something. It has millions of visitors, and it provides valuable services.

#2. Realtor

a screenshot of realtor, an online real estate platform

Alexa Rank: 868

Realtor’s website is similar to Craigslist. It is an official member of The National Association of Realtors. This platform provides over 800 multiple listing services to their customers. Moreover, the company usually updates its lists every 15 minutes. They have around 23 million consumers each month. Realtor’s main focus is buying and selling and highly involved in buying and selling homes. Once you access their site, you will be able to read information regarding their latest items for sale, recently sold houses and more.

#3. Gumtree

gumtree platform screen caption

Alexa Rank: 1,296  

The Gumtree is an online classified website which was founded in 2000. It offers the possibility to post ads for free. This is one of the most popular sites like Craigslist, and it has an easy-navigable platform. Still, it might require paying a fee, depending on the product category you want to advertise or your targeted geographical market. It is the largest website for classified ads in the UK and has around 14.8 million visitors per month. You can browse through different categories available on the site and choose the one that interests you.

#4. ClassifiedAds

classified ads platform screenshot

Alexa Rank: 20,070

ClassifiedAds is a free ads website for real estate, jobs, cars and plenty of other things. This can be a great site to create your own ad for free. The team will monitor and filter the content posted on the site to provide high-quality and reliable information to their users. It is possible to buy or sell anything on this platform. Its developers created it as one of the sites like Craigslist that users can access online. ClassifiedAds provides a large variety of products such as vehicles, pets, services, real estate, personals, etc.

#5. Oodle

oodle website screen caption

Alexa Rank: 21,625

Oodle is an online marketplace that was founded in 2005 by Craig Donato, Faith Sedlin, and Scott Kister. It covers around 1000 regions in The United States, Canada, UK, Ireland and other countries. This website has a wide variety of products and offers detailed information about the nature, quality and other features of the promoted items. You can promote your product on this site for free by posting your own innovative advertisement.

#6. Adpost

adpost platform screen caption

Alexa Rank: 29,840

On the one hand, Adpost provides all the features that other similar sites offer too. On the other hand, only the basic classified ads are free of charge. Also, they will run for 30 days, as a demo period. Free ads have limited options. For example, you can only add three photos and one video. Once the ad reaches a larger audience, the platform will require you to pay a fee. This is one of the sites like craigslist that provides a huge range of products to all their customer.

#7. eBay Classifieds

ebay classifieds platform screenshot

Alexa Rank: 681,642

eBay Classifieds is available in more than 272 areas throughout The United States. The platform was created in 2004. The team is based in California. eBay Classifieds website attracts millions of users by providing a customized list of items to choose from. The group has developed this website to help people who are looking for jobs, products for sale, etc. Another great thing about this platform is the fact that you can post your add for free and promote your product with just a few clicks.

#8. Sale Spider

sales spider classified ads website

Alexa Rank: 38,703

Sales Spider offers a wide range of products and allows you to compare them to get detailed information about each one. You can find the classifieds and companies by location, latest browsed content and more. Furthermore, you can post your ad on this website for free. Sales Spider is the leading business social network for small and medium-sized companies in The United States. The registration is completely free of charge which enables the owners to grow their business.

#9. Adlandpro

adlandpro homepage screen caption

Alexa Rank: 77,031

Adlandpro has been on the digital market since 1996. It provides both free and paid advertising services to small businesses. This can be the right site for you if you’re searching for free promotion and low-cost marketing services for your products. The experts you will encounter on this platform will inspire you to develop better and more effective promotional strategies. Adlandpro can be accessed from all over the world and has millions of customers. All these benefits made it one of the most popular sites like Craigslist available online.

#10. Hoobly

hoobly homepage screen caption

Alexa Rank: 28,465    

Hoobly is one of the leading classified websites in the world that allows you to post free ads. On this platform, you can find different categories like arts, electronics, business and industrials, pets and animals, musical instruments, real estate and more. All you have to do to gain access to useful business-related ideas is to create a new user account.

The ads that you post will reach millions of people easily and create great opportunities for your business’ development. The available number of choices and categories is significantly higher compared with other similar websites.

I hope this article was useful to you. All the above sites like Craigslist are just as good as the original classified ads platform. Most of them provide free services and plenty of features and options. Please share your favorite one from our collection of sites and also let us know your thoughts in the following comments section.

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